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For most of us, having a job is an important part of life that helps us achieve our personal and financial goals. When your ability to work is jeopardized because your employer engages in unfair or unlawful business practices, it can be frustrating and scary to consider your future. At The Law Offices of Nolan Klein, our employment lawyers can help you understand your rights as a worker and ensure that they are protected. For over a decade, we have handled a variety of different cases involving employment law, and we know the struggles our clients face. You can count on us to protect your interests.

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How We Can Help You

Employees are at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to standing up for their own interests. While there are laws in place meant to support the employee as they try to protect what matters to them, the legwork of hiring a lawyer and bringing a lawsuit means lost time and money without any guarantee of compensation. By working with an experienced employment law attorney, you can maximize your chance at a favorable outcome.

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During your free consultation, we can help you understand the nature of your situation and determine if you have a case. With our team on your side, you can feel more confident about your decision.

No Fees Unless You Recover Money

Our firm values the time-sensitive nature of your case. In unpaid overtime and minimum wage cases you have only two years to make a claim for money that is owned to you under federal law, and in employment discrimination cases, you have only 180 days to file a claim with the EEOC.

Your employer (or former employer) may go to great lengths to ensure that you do not win, since for the employer, losing could be expensive, and could mean that they have to make major systemic changes. It is crucial that you have the right legal representation.

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The Law Offices of Nolan Klein, P.A.

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Client Reviews

Opinions That Matter Most
  • Acted Quickly

    “He was very professional, timely and thorough. He acted quickly and helped us minimize what could have cost us a lot of money.”

    - Lauren M.
  • Great Results

    “Great experience with this firm. I had a very unusual problem with being sued in Florida and I live in NC. We did everything from emails, phone calls and with great results.”

    - Brenda L.
  • Resolved Effectively

    “I feel your pain and anger about needing an ADA defense lawyer. Everyone knows the law needs reform but that won't help you right now. My advice is to be smart and hire Nolan to handle your case.”

    - Randy L.
  • Highly Recommend

    “Working with Nolan, we were to resolve an ADA pool lift lawsuit within 30 days. Nolan came over, we talked and walked through the issues, came up with a plan, and within days we resolved the issues, and the lawsuit got dropped.”

    - Trini G.
  • Great Experience

    “The firm was responsive and receptive to our legal issue. They represented our case with winning results.”

    - Jason T.

Case Results

Results That Speak for Themselves
  • $400 Thousand Hotel Injury

    Settlement for client injured by a large hotel.

  • $1.2 Million Accident Injury

    Settlement for client hit by a car while riding on her bicycle.

  • $13 Million Class Action

    We obtain a settlement valued at nearly thirteen million dollars for a nationwide class.

  • $1.4 Million Settlement Enforcement

    Judgment obtained after breach of settlement agreement. Fully collected.

  • $235 Thousand Unpaid Overtime Class Action

    Settlement for supermarket workers who were not paid overtime.

  • $475 Thousand Wrongful Termination

    Settlement reached for client after contract was wrongfully terminated.

  • $400 Thousand Wrongful Termination

    Settlement for a client whose business contract was wrongfully terminated.

  • $655 Thousand Hotel Injury

    Settlement for client injured by a major hotel chain.

  • $500 Thousand Accident Injury Settlement

    Client was injured at a theme park hotel.

  • $975 Thousand Injured Employee

    Settlement reached after our client was injured while on the job.


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