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Defense-Side Results

Examples of some of our defense-side results are below. Examples of plaintiff-side results are HERE

ADA claim: We were retained by a shopping mall to defend claims of discrimination brought under Title III of the ADA. We took the case to trial achieving a defense verdict in favor of our client.


ADA claim: We were retained by a developer to defend against ADA claims at a restaurant location that it owned. We established conclusively that no ADA violations were present at the subject property, resulting in dismissal with prejudice.


FHA claim: We were retained to defend against a claim filed by a condominium resident alleging interference with fair housing rights. We obtained a complete defense victory on behalf of our client, with the court finding no interference with any fair housing rights.


Claims of sex and race based discrimination: We were retained by a well-known New York City entertainment venue to defend it against claims of sex and race based discrimination. After several month of litigation, we obtained dismissal of all federal claims with prejudice.


Claims of employment discrimination: We were retained by a large fast food chain to defend against claims of discrimination brought by a restaurant employee. We obtained a complete defense victory on behalf of both the restaurant franchisor as well as its franchisee.


Claims of securities violations: We were retained by an advertising agency to defend against various claims, including allegation of federal securities fraud. At the motion to dismiss stage, we demonstrated that there was no possible way for the plaintiff to prevail on its securities fraud claims, and the entire case was dismissed from federal court.


Copyright infringement claims: We were retained by a foreign company to defend it against copyright infringement charges filed against it in a state where it did not do any business. After demonstrating the lack of connection between our client and the forum state, the court dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. 


Copyright infringement claims: We were retained to represent an office of doctors against claims that their corporate website infringed on copyrights held by a third party. We obtained a dismissal with prejudice of all claims, and recovered all attorney’s fees and costs expended by our client in defense of its case. 


Discrimination claims: ​We were retained by a taxi company to defend against discrimination claims brought by a former driver. We established that the driver did not have the legal status of employee, and that legitimate reasons existed for the actions taken against him. The court sided with our client resulting in a complete defense victory.


Trademark infringement claims: We were retained by a food products importer to defend trademark infringement claims brought against it by a major competitor. By citing to a little-known and rarely used section of the trademark examiner’s handbook, we successfully argued that the competitor’s mark was unenforceable, resulting in dismissal of all federal infringement claims.​​

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