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Business Disputes and Litigation

Our practice includes litigation of a wide array of business disputes. Our business litigation practice includes contract disputes, labor and employment issues, real estate disputes, business torts (tortuous interference, breach of fiduciary duties, etc.), professional malpractice, and almost any other litigation dispute that may arise out of a business or contractual relationship, and which requires litigation counsel.


We handle business litigation on behalf of a wide array of clientele, in state and federal court. We are committed to using the right combination of aggressive style, and creative strategy, to deal with the specific situation facing our client.

Business Litigation

We handle all phases of the legal process, from pre-suit negotiation and investigation, through discovery, motion practice, mediation and settlement talks, arbitration, trial, appeals, and post-judgment collection. Our commercial practice includes labor and employment issues, Americans with Disabilities Act issues, Fair Labor Standards Act compliance and litigation, employment termination disputes, partnership disputes, real estate disputes, contract disputes, business torts (tortuous interference, breach of fiduciary duties, etc.), professional malpractice, and a wide variety of statutory and regulatory compliance issues.

Corporate Collections

We deal with the recovery of delinquent debts and judgments on behalf of corporations and banks. Our collection practice includes recovery of commercial debts, collection litigation, and post-judgment remedies (proceedings in aid of execution). In many cases we have handled the pre-suit demand, all litigation, and post-judgment collection.

Derivative Claims

Under appropriate circumstances, shareholders have the right demand an end to corporate abuse, graft, or other misconduct. If shareholder demands are ignored, a derivative lawsuit can be initiated on behalf of the corporation, in order to correct improprieties. These types of cases are often highly complex, requiring a deep understanding of business litigation. If you are a shareholder in a company being mismanaged or tainted by graft and corruption, or, if you are an officer of a corporation threatened with a meritless derivative lawsuit, we are here to advise and assist.

Partnership Disputes 

Many small and mid-sized businesses are initially formed as partnerships between two or more individuals. The various rights and responsibilities of each of partner is usually contained within a partnership agreement, or some other agreement between the parties. During the initial formation of the partnership, it is important to be as detailed as possible with respect to the rights and responsibilities of each of the parties. When a dispute arises between the partners, the first goal should be the continuation of business as usual while differences are negotiated. Where amicable resolution is impossible, and litigation is necessary, we are here to assist.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate disputes can involve contracts for the purchase and sale of property, partnership disputes within real estate investment companies, disputes over commercial leases, property insurance issues and more. Whatever the specifics, litigating these issues requires detailed knowledge of real estate law and the court system. We have years of experience dealing with real estate disputes, from pre-suit negotiation and resolution, through trial, mediation, and appeals. If you are involved in a real estate dispute, feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.


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