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Your website might get you sued. In federal court. Trust me.

Federal lawsuits alleging failure to meet ADA standards are a booming business. Starting with a trickle of these lawsuits before COVID and turning into a flood of cases today, ADA website lawsuits are overwhelming many unsuspecting business owners all over the country. Blind and visually impaired plaintiffs in these cases take the position that websites must - by law - be fully compatible with assistive devices (such as screen reading software) that permit them to browse and shop online.

Businesses are often taken by surprise in these cases, because they are usually unaware of the requirements and are sued far from home in a state where the plaintiff just happened to browse the website. For now, the rate a pace of filing these cases has not slowed, and any business owner who is unaware of this issue - and has an online presence - should educate themselves. Fast. Remember, is it critically important (and legally required) to be inclusive of the blind and visually impaired - and doing so is also vital to risk management.



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