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The following are actual reviews written by current and former clients of this law firm:

"Mr. Klein was instrumental in helping my husband and I through a lawsuit. He was very professional, timely and thorough. He acted quickly and helped us minimize what could have cost us a lot of money. Very knowledgeable and courteous. I would highly recommend him!"

- Lauren M.

"Great experience with this firm. I had a very unusual problem with being sued in Florida and I live in NC. We did everything from emails, phone calls and with great results."

- Brenda L.

"Working with Nolan, we were to resolve an ADA pool lift lawsuit within 30 days. Nolan came over, we talked and walked through the issues, came up with a plan, and within days we resolved the issues, and the lawsuit got dropped. I would highly recommend Nolan."

- Trini G.

"Great experience. The firm was responsive and receptive to our legal issue. They represented our case with winning results. Highly recommend Mr. Klein and his firm."

- Jason T.

"Nolan Klein provided us with the best service. We were outside the USA and looking for another attorney having used several others who had not represented us particularly well, but cost a lot! Nolan stepped in and quickly resolved a painful 5-year litigation. Professional, courteous and understanding, if only we had found him earlier. Thank you Nolan, we recommend you highly."

- Martin C.

"A very solid, smart attorney; I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Mr. Klein."

- Jerrold O.

"Brilliant & highly professional, simply amazing . . ."

- Thomas R.

"Mr. Klein and his staff did an excellent job in providing me with the personal and professional support that was needed with respect to my claim . . . What was most helpful in this situation was his willingness to handle all the necessary details in dealing with our claim. Emails and phone calls were returned promptly. We most appreciated his friendly and courteous manner . . . It would be a pleasure to recommend the law firm of Nolan Klein to other prospective clients."

- Marilyn J.

"Attorney Nolan Klein was assisting me and my company in settling a labor dispute. I was extremely pleased with his dedication, sharp legal depth and experience. He always responded promptly. Answers to every request and question were delivered quickly and accurately. Everything that he did was done with highly professional manner with full dedication and attention to details. As I started working with him, I realized that he is trustworthy and reliable. I would highly recommend him as an attorney to work with. If I have complicated cases in the future, I would strongly consider him to represent my company interest."

- Mike Z.

"I knew the entire time I was being cared for by a person with my best interests at heart. I would highly recommend Nolan Klein when you are in need of legal representation."

- Carrie Anne G.

"Nolan handled my case professionally and resolved the issue quickly. I had my share of questions along the way, but they were always answered patiently in a timely manner. I'm extremely grateful to the Law Offices of Nolan Klein . . ."

- Erica B.

"Nolan was great. Walked me through the process, accurately predicted the fees and outcome. Can’t say enough good about working with his team."

- Rick B.

"Mr. Klein kept me informed throughout on the progress of my claim. I have nothing but praise for the manner in which he handled it. I would not hesitate to ask Mr. Klein to represent me in any future matter or to recommend Mr. Klein’s legal services to others."

- Malcolm M.

"It was a pleasure to work with Nolan Klein. He is trustworthy and respectful, and he worked tirelessly for our case, to get us the best possible outcome."

- Shelley P.

". . . I could not thank the Law Offices of Nolan Klein enough for the excellent settlement that they achieved . . . . I found them to be so very friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend them." 

- June C.

"Nolan did a great job in handling our case. I would recommend him anytime. Great guy."

- Scott P.

"I was most impressed with Nolan's knowledge, experience & effectiveness."

- William C.

"I would like to recognize the outstanding service displayed by Mr. Nolan Klein and his staff . . . It quickly became apparent the importance of having a lawyer that I completely trusted. Nolan quickly took charge of all my concerns and reacted flawlessly and competently to all my queries. He remained in total control and provided very effective direction when I felt lost and sometimes frustrated with the system. The complete success of my case can be directly attributed to his outstanding work, drive and dedication. From day one it was evident that Nolan takes great pride in his work by providing the best service possible to his clients. Thank you."

- Daphne G.

"We found Nolan Klein on the internet. He listened very carefully as I explained our situation, and he considered our case. Besides having a great deal of experience, Nolan is very knowledgeable about the law, and is very creative in his approach. He also welcomed my input. When I choose an attorney, I want a tiger in my court. Nolan Klein is that tiger."

- Barry A.

"Mr. Klein was knowledgeable, precise & always contacted me regarding my case in an expeditious manner . . . I would recommend Mr. Klein and his law firm to anyone I know."

- Jodi F.

"My husband and I were very pleased with our choice when we needed a lawyer . . . Nolan was knowledgeable, responsible and effective. We’d recommend him to anyone."

- Valerie P.

"I would highly recommend The Law Offices of Nolan Klein. I felt that I was in a unique position when I found myself looking for an attorney in another country and I must say I found the right person to represent me, achieving the best result in a timely manner. Nolan and his staff were always professional, courteous, caring and friendly. They were always prompt to respond to emails or phone calls (even with the time difference), which I found quite amazing. Thank you Nolan."

- Marie M. 

"Nolan and team were absolutely wonderful to deal with. Provided excellent service during a stressful period and took care of everything for us. Highly recommend using them." 

- Jodie M. 

"Nolan and his staff were thorough and professional. Good communication throughout the process. Would not hesitate to recommend. Thanks again!"

- John G. 

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