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ADA Compliance and ADA Litigation Defense Lawyer serving Queens, New York



Queens, New York, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawyer Nolan Klein has been at the forefront of ADA compliance and litigation defense for over a decade. Nolan has helped hundreds of clients throughout the United States to navigate the complex requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and successfully represented hundreds of businesses in ADA-related litigation.

Call +1 877.253.5406 or fill out our online contact form if you are facing an ADA compliance issue or are involved in an ADA-related lawsuit. You will get the chance to work with a Queens ADA lawyer who not only understands the intricacies of ADA compliance but also knows how to develop effective strategies for resolving ADA litigation.

Understanding ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was established in 1990 and amended several times since then. The sole aim of this act was and continues to be the protection of individuals with disabilities from discrimination in all areas of public life, including employment, education, housing, transportation, and more.

Here are the components of ADA compliance:

  • Accessibility: Public spaces, services, and programs should be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes physical access as well as communication access for those with hearing or speech impairments.

  • Reasonable Accommodation: Employers must provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities, such as modifications in the workplace or flexible work schedules, unless it would cause undue hardship.

  • Non-Discrimination: Individuals with disabilities must not be discriminated against in any aspect of public life, including employment, education, transportation, and more.

  • Technology Accessibility: With the emergence of technology, ADA compliance has also extended to include websites and electronic communications. This means that websites must be accessible to individuals with disabilities, such as those using screen readers.


Other important aspects of ADA compliance include ensuring equal access to public transportation, providing accessible parking spaces and restrooms, and making sure that all entities follow ADA guidelines when constructing or altering buildings.

ADA-Related Litigation Cases


Despite the efforts made towards ADA compliance, there are still cases where individuals with disabilities face discrimination. As a result, there have been numerous litigation cases related to ADA compliance. One notable case is the landmark Supreme Court decision of Olmstead v. L.C., which held that individuals with disabilities have the right to receive services in community-based settings rather than institutions.


Another important case is the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama v. Garrett in 2001, where the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot be sued for damages under the ADA by individuals with disabilities seeking accommodations in the workplace.


A more recent example is the case of the National Federation of the Blind v. Target Corp in 2006, where Target was sued for not providing accessible online shopping experiences for individuals with disabilities.

These cases serve as reminders of the importance of ADA compliance and the ongoing efforts needed to ensure equal access and opportunities for individuals with disabilities in all aspects of public life. 


Defending ADA Litigation in Queens, New York 


Despite efforts by your business or organization to comply with ADA

regulations, there may still be instances where you face ADA litigation. In such cases, it is crucial to have a skilled Queens ADA Litigation attorney by your side to defend your rights and protect your business.

Queens ADA lawyer Nolan Klein offers different services to help businesses and organizations navigate through ADA litigation cases. These include representing clients in federal court, negotiating settlements, and providing legal counsel throughout the entire process.


Your Defense Options in an ADA Lawsuits

Your defense options in a Queens ADA litigation case may include:

  • Proving compliance with ADA regulations: One of the best defenses against ADA litigation is to show that your business has taken reasonable steps to comply with ADA regulations. This can include making physical modifications to your facility or providing alternative accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

  • Challenging standing: In some cases, the plaintiff may not have proper standing to bring an ADA lawsuit. If this is the case, your attorney can challenge their standing and potentially have the case dismissed.

  • Negotiating a settlement: In many ADA litigation cases, a settlement may be reached before going to court. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf to reach a fair resolution that protects your rights and avoids costly litigation.


You need a competent ADA litigation defense lawyer in Queens to effectively navigate through any of these defense options. Nolan Klein has a wealth of experience in handling ADA litigation cases and will work tirelessly to protect your business from negative consequences.

Protect Your Business with Queens ADA Litigation Attorney Nolan Klein


Don't let an ADA litigation case negatively impact your business or organization. With the help of Queens ADA lawyer Nolan Klein, you can confidently defend yourself against any ADA lawsuits. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help protect your business from the challenges of ADA litigation.


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