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Boca Raton Unpaid Wage and Overtime Lawyer

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, record-keeping, and youth employment standards for both private and public employers. It is crucial for employers to understand and comply with these regulations to avoid costly lawsuits.

Nolan Klein, a skilled FLSA wage and overtime lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida, has successfully represented clients in wage disputes involving misclassification, unpaid wages, and other violations. He understands the importance of fair compensation for workers and works diligently to ensure that his clients receive what they are rightfully owed.


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Misclassification of Employees


One of the most common FLSA issues that Boca Raton Overtime lawyers handle is employee misclassification. This occurs when an employer improperly classifies their employees as exempt from overtime pay, when they should be considered non-exempt.

Exempt employees are typically salaried and not entitled to overtime pay, while non-exempt employees are usually paid hourly and must receive additional compensation for any hours worked over 40 in a workweek. Misclassifying employees can result in significant financial losses for workers and potential legal consequences for employers.

Boca Raton Overtime lawyer Nolan Klein has extensive experience representing clients who have been misclassified by their employers and works tirelessly to ensure that they receive the correct classification and corresponding compensation.


Unpaid Wages


In addition to improper classification, unpaid wages are another common FLSA violation that Boca Raton FLSA unpaid wage attorneys handle. This can include failure to pay minimum wage, withholding tips or bonuses, and unpaid overtime.

Employees have the right to receive fair compensation for their work, and Boca Raton FLSA attorney Nolan Klein is dedicated to helping workers recover unpaid wages from employers who have violated the law.


Boca Raton Minimum Wage Provisions


Boca Raton employees must abide by Florida's minimum wage laws. As of September 2023, the minimum wage in Florida was $12.00 per hour for all employees, with some exceptions for tipped workers and certain small businesses. This is expected to increase by $1.00 each year until it reaches $15.00 per hour in 2026. Boca Raton Minimum wage lawyer Nolan Klein can help you understand your rights as an employee and ensure that you are receiving fair compensation for your work.


Filing an Unpaid Wage or Overtime Lawsuit in Boca Raton


If you believe you've been a victim of wage theft or have been denied rightful overtime pay, it's essential to understand the process for filing a lawsuit in Boca Raton. Here is a step-by-step guideline to help you navigate through this legal procedure:

  1. Document Your Case: Keep thorough records of your work hours, pay stubs, and any relevant communications with your employer. This will form the backbone of your case.

  2. Consult with a Lawyer: Schedule a consultation with an experienced FLSA attorney like Nolan Klein. He will review your case and advise you on the best course of action.

  3. Filing a Complaint: If your lawyer advises you to proceed, you will need to file a formal complaint, typically with the U.S. Department of Labor or the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

  4. Investigation: Once the complaint is filed, an investigation will commence. Your lawyer will guide you through this process.

  5. Resolution or Lawsuit: If the investigation finds merit in your claim, your employer may choose to settle. If not, your case will proceed to court where a judge will make a decision based on the evidence presented.


Possible Outcomes after an Unpaid Wage or Overtime Lawsuit


If your case is successful, you may be entitled to:

  • Back Pay: This is the amount of money your employer owes you for unpaid wages and/or overtime.

  • Liquidated Damages: In some cases, you may also be entitled to an additional equal amount in liquidated damages as compensation for the loss of wages.

  • Attorney's Fees: Your employer may be required to pay your attorney's fees if you win your case.

  • Future Wages and Job Reinstatement: If your employer retaliates against you for filing a lawsuit or complaint by terminating or demoting you, they may be liable for future lost wages and reinstating you to your previous job position.


We also Serve as Unpaid Wage and Overtime Defense Attorneys


In some cases, employers may unjustly face lawsuits or complaints regarding unpaid wages and overtime. In such cases, we double as Boca Raton overtime defense attorneys to protect our client's rights. We understand the laws and regulations surrounding unpaid wages and overtime and can provide a strong defense for our clients against false or exaggerated claims. Our goal is to ensure fair treatment for both employees and employers in these cases.


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